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Ranger Crazy Damage Empty Ranger Crazy Damage

Post by Goregrind on Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:15 pm

Level 0: Archery
Level 5: Shadowplay
Level 10: Vitalism


Leather armor offers balanced defense values against both magic and physical attacks.

Leather 4/7: Increases Attack Speed and Evasion +3%. Increases the range of all bow skills +2m

Leather 7/7: Increases Attack Speed* and Evasion +3%, bow skill range +3m, and Melee/Ranged Citical Rates +5%. Also decreases duration of Trip -20%.
*the 7 set buff tooltip does not list the attack speed increase like the 4 set, but it is still reflected on your character sheet.


Equip Dual Weapons:

Increases Attack Speed +10% when equipped with two one-handed weapons. Increases damage for Triple Slash, Whirlwind Slash, Rapid Strike, Overwhelm, Wallop, and Shadowsmite +7%.


Of course

Ranger Crazy Damage Ranger

Your ranged damage is increased by +54%, so you have +54% increased damage, they have +24% received damage.


Charged Bolt + Charged Bolt: Slowed targets are Stunned.

Charged Bolt + Piercing Shot: Increases severity of slow effects on targets.

Charged Bolt + Endless Arrows: Inflicts additional +24% damage on Slowed targets.

Piercing Shot + Piercing Shot: Increases severity of bleed effects on targets.

Overwhelm + Charged Bolt: Inflicts additional +23% damage on Stunned targets.

Overwhelm + Shadowsmite: Stunned targets are Tripped.

Overwhelm + Shadowsmite: Inflicts additional +33% damage on Stunned targets. Additional damage does not increase Bloodthirst.

Stalker's Mark + Overwhelm: Marked targets are Tripped.

Stalker's Mark + Overwhelm: Inflicts additional +77% damage on Marked targets.

Stealth + Shadowsmite: Resets Stealth cooldown if in Stealth.

Toxic Shot + Piercing Shot: Inflicts additional +27% damage over time on poisoned targets.

Toxic Shot + Stalker's Mark: Inflicts additional +38% damage on Poisoned targets.


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