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Post by Goregrind on Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:19 am


Open world PvP:

You want to run plate armour because of its bonus.
-Plate 4/7: Increases Defense +3%
-Plate 7/7: Increases Defense +3% and max health +5%. Also decreases duration of Stun and Shackle -20%.

You will want to use a 1 handed sword (When receiving damage there is a chance to parry next attack) you can get good swords from Hasla, if you can get 2 then you can swap out your shield for the other sword after you use Shield Slam/Bull Rush combo.
For shield use the best on you can find.

You want to prioritize strength, then stamina, then agility.

Abolisher: Tanky damage dealer Abolisherrank1


Triple Slash + Tiger Strike: Inflicts additional +13% damage on Shaken targets.

Charge + Triple Slash: First attack: Snared targets are Tripped.

Charge + Shield Slam: Inflicts addtional +31% damage on Snared targets.

Shield Slam + Bull Rush: Stunned targets are Tripped.

Shield Slam + Bull Rush: Inflicts additional +42% damage on Stunned targets.

Shrug it Off + Boastful Roar: Deal additional +60% damage while
under Shrug if Off.


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