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List of in game Professions Empty List of in game Professions

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List of in game Professions CRAFTING

One of the main attractions of ArchAge is the multiple professions in the game the majority of content in the game is created by players, there are 21 different professions allowing players to create everything from Potions and Weapons to Warships and houses.

You can spend hours Crafting, Farming, Gathering in this game I sure know I have, In this post I give an overview of what professions are in the game what Labor Points (LP) are, and Skill Tiers.


Refereed to in-game as "LP" -this is the single most important resource in the game for crafting/professions and pretty much any non quest related action. with out it you can't craft, gather or process resources in game. Labor Points (LP) are gained/refilled over time, A non Patron (Free to play) user will gain 5 points per 5 minutes of in game play and from what i can see 0 points per 5 minutes offline although i see rumours that they may be changing this at some point. where as Patron users will gain 10 points per 5 minutes in game  and 5 points per 5 minutes while offline.

How ever you get the majority of your "LP" from in game cash shop item Workers Compensation this item Restores 1000 "LP" every 12 hours with a requirement of level 15 required and can be used on up to 4 characters on your account (please note that "LP" is shared across the account, yes even on other servers so plan your usage wisely)with a Cost of 300 Coins/Points, you can also get a similar item from Loyalty Tokens that restores 1000 LP with only a 4 hour cooldown (this may be a tooltip error i have not tried it yet). If you are lucky you can aquire Workers Compensation: 200 from the cash shop item Archeum Supply Crate this potion has no cooldown so can be used as much as you like.


Each profession has 5 different levels of mastery.

Basic: is maxed at level 10,000. Any number of skills may be leveled to this point.
Novice:  is maxed at level 20,000. Only 5 skills may be upgraded from Basic to Novice.
Veteran: is maxed at level 30,000. Only 4 skills can be upgraded from Novice to Veteran.
Expert: is maxed at level 40,000. Only 3 skills can be upgraded from Veteran to Expert.
Master:  is maxed at level 50,000. Only 2 skills can be upgraded from Expert to Master.

Increasing the level of mastery in a skill offers benefits such as increased action speed, decreased labor costs, and mass production of items in addition to the regular increase on craftable items.


  • Alchemy:

Used in the creation of potions, dyes, Lunadrops, Lunastones, Archeum Dust, and talismans. Alchemy is also increased through breaking down certain gear.

  • Handcrafts:

A crafting profession where you make your instruments, jewelry, and several housing items.

  • Fishing:

A gathering profession where you catch fish.

  • Machining:

Used to make vehicles, siege equipment.

  • Mining:

A gather profession used to collect ore and stone for Metalwork, Weaponry, and Masonry. At the Amateur level you can gather from Iron Veins and Fortuna Veins. Fortuna Veins randomly spawn in the location of an Iron Vein directly after clearing the Iron Vein.

  • Leather Work:

Used to make leather armor.

  • Larceny:

Is a non=production skill It is leveled by stealing crops from player farms that haven't been taxed, or from "at risk" farms (farms placed in the "wilderness") and also from livestock owned by other players. All three of these options for raising your larceny will also give you infamy (crime) points.

Alternatively, larceny may be leveled through the opening of coinpurses that are dropped from most mobs. Opening coinpurses costs a number of labor points dependant on the level and rarity of the coinpurse. Opening coinpurses does not give you infamy points.

Higher levels of larceny reportedly give you less chance to leave behind evidence, such as footprints or bloodstains, when committing crimes, as well as increasing the quality of loot gained from coinpurses.

  • Construction:

Used in building houses.

  • Husbandry:

Raising, harvesting and butchering animals for various materials is done with Husbandry.

  • Logging:

 A gathering profession used in gathering logs for Carpentry.
Metalwork: Used to create Ingots and Plate Armor. Armor increases proficiency faster, but can be costly to make.

  • Masonry:

Used to make bricks, gunpowder, and Hereafter Stones.

  • Weaponry:

Uses Ingots to make metal weapons, shields, and explosives.

  • Commerce:

A production skill focusing on creation of Trade Packs and Auction House sales.

  • Cooking:

Used to make food items for stat bonuses.

  • Farming:

Used to harvest fruits and nuts from trees.

  • Gathering:

Used to gather textiles, spices, and other plants used in various crafting professions.

  • Printing:

This skill is needed for producing music papers and books. Crafting at a printing press/paper press is required to gain skill proficiency. The crafting stations can be found in most major coastal cities such as Mahadevi or Austera.

  • Tailoring:

Used to create cloth and cloth armor from various textiles.

  • Carpentry:

Used to make wooden weapons such as bows, staves, and sceptres.

  • Composition:

Used to create your own music within ArcheAge.


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