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Thunderstruck Tree/Logs Information Empty Thunderstruck Tree/Logs Information

Post by Goregrind on Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:24 pm

Thunderstruck Trees

What is it

Thunderstruck logs are a piece of wood from trees that have been struck by lighting, it is very rare to find this as is completely based on RNG but it is needed for many things in game, after a tree has been struck by lighting harvesting it will result in a thunderstruck log. Look for a tree with a few branches, no leaves, and looks scarred from fire/lightning damage. it seems the tree must be struck while it is growing/young. Full mature tree hit wont count. it is very rare but accounts say you can acquire one a day assuming you plant in a location where it rains often, but it is subjective as it is purely RNG based. Rumours are that you have the best chance of getting these with Pine and ebony but it is just that rumours very little research has been done on this subject.

Thunderstuck Log Use

The reason why these are so expensive and rare is because they are used to build the tractor , which lets you carry four packs plus one on the back of the driver, this is a massive money earner and is very important for gold farming.

An example of end game trading:

You create a trade fleet, consisting of trade vessels, a scout and multiple defensive ships you arrange to to land then unload all of the goods into tractors, then drive to the location with your escorts following you and if you are lucky and make the trip profits galore, rinse and repeat as necessary.

How to obtain these gold mines  

Buy them off other players. . .


Plant trees and hope that RNGsus is on your side , the longer the growth rate the better the chance of the RNG gods smiling upon your tree and zapping the little fella, pretty much just plant trees and pray to the RNG gods above, don't listen to trolls don't go out of your way to find the highest point in a  map. be safe don't get frustrated and enjoy.


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